MARVIE Foundation was founded in 2023 with the help of rural young friends, who all had received education in government and NGO schools.  Despite the rural limitations, our experience speaks that distinguished service and sincere efforts would change the world and lead one to any heights.

The main objective of the foundation is to help less fortunate and rural communities by supporting education at the grassroots level. Liberia is a country of villages situated in remote rural areas. This region is industrial backward but has tremendous scope for education. It is our ambition that we should work in this field. The villages should be improved to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Whatever may be the reason for this, developing these villages is essential for the progress of our nation. We strongly believe that if the proper educational infrastructure is established in our county villages, the rural areas would improve.

We are a team of young volunteers already making a difference in rural communities. The passion and energy of the team share the values of hard work and strong moral and social compassion for a good cause especially related to education.  

It is our aim to impart education to rural children. Provision of learning materials, child-centered, primary, and junior high education is among our objectives. Education should be interesting, and meaningful and should also be near to real life.  Further, it is our motto that financial constraints should not be a hurdle to getting a proper education. For example; the dropouts happen to work on their farms to meet their ends. They often cannot afford primary quality education that may be available in towns and cities. The teachers should be friendly guides to the natural growth and development of the children.  Self-reliance should come to the child from the very beginning. 

The government funds barely support school supplies and teaching aids. The foundation consists of projects supporting rural schools from basic school materials, and renovation of the facility to creating libraries system to encourage students and teachers to explore. Some of the major initiatives planned in the next 5 years are as follows:

  1. Basic Renovation
  2. Supply teaching aids and art supplies
  3. Setup a library with 2000 books and magazine subscriptions
  4. Procure furniture for the library
  5. Funds for after-school programs
  6. Scholarships for poor students
  7. Teacher training and scholarship program
  8. Solar Power – if funds are available
  9. Playground restoration and assisting the local community effort
  10. Climate resilience program


It is our strong feeling that this kind of aid should be implemented in every school, government and private.

MARVIE Foundation is a small beginning in this direction and beyond.

Founder & Board Chairman